Airport travel with Sciatica pain

Air travel doesn’t have to be painful.

Why this matters:

Traveling can cause a lot of anxiety in people with sciatica pain. The long wait lines in security, the trek from security to the departure gait, sitting in an uncomfortable airplane, and the whole deplaning process. However, with the right plan, it does not have to be as painful as it seems. The key is planning the journey to minimize the opportunities for flare ups.

Action steps:

Earlier this week I had you make a list of activities you can tolerate and another list of activities you can’t. Look into your travel day and see how you can create solutions for those challenging tasks. 

If walking long distances increases your pain, request transport when you arrive at the airport (more often than not they are happy to oblige). 

If sitting for long periods of time increases your pain, try to get up and move as often as you can. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the flight staff to help you get your luggage into the overhead storage bins or baggage claim.

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