Apple cider vinegar, lemon, honey for pain?

Plants may be helpful in addressing sciatica pain.

Why this matters:

Sciatica pain is categorized as neuropathic pain, meaning nerve irritation. This is caused by three mechanisms: faulty mechanics, trauma, and inflammation. If sciatica is caused by true inflammation, meaning no physical damage and the body is moving normally, then we can suspect inflammation. Ingredients like apples, honey, and lemon could be helpful in managing nerve pain like sciatica. 

But we need to determine the cause of pain. These nerves don’t just get irritated randomly. We need to find out the triggers. 

Action steps:

Find the cause of your pain. Go back to when you got hurt. What activities were you doing? Was it a routine day? If your day wasn’t any different, then we’re most likely dealing with a repetitive use injury; which requires activity modification.

Did you do anything out of the ordinary? If yes, then we’ll need to look at how that activity was done.

You may find that a concoction of apple cider, lemon, and honey is tasty and delicious; but figuring out the cause of your pain is extremely powerful.If you would like to experience the same process of self treatment that I take my clients through on your own time, take a look at the Sciatica Protocol. Claim your free 3 day trial today.


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