Are massage chairs effective?

Exercise is better than a massage chair in fixing your pain

Why this matters:

One of the many questions floating in the forums is if massage chairs are helpful for pain management. It is a great question, as massage chairs were designed to replicate the skilled hand of a massage therapist or physical therapist. Research in 2020 showed that it could help with managing pain in the short term, but using physio(physical) therapy or specific movement/exercise is proven to be more effective. Movement is a better medicine than sitting in a chair and having it vibrate or massage your back muscles.

Action steps:

Get moving. Find the exercises that provide you the most relief. Do more of those activities. Even if it is just 1 activity. This may seem simple, but extremely effective.Do you need help with finding the right exercises/stretches for you? Claim your free 3 day sciatica protocol trial today.


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