Better sleep with technology

The right vibrations can improve sleep quality. (Affiliate information below- we may receive a commission on any purchase at no extra cost)

Why this matters:

Scientific research shows that sleep issues and chronic pain go hand in hand. Lack of sleep can heighten pain sensitivity; also ongoing pain is linked with poor sleep quality. Over the past few days we covered how this can be remedied from changing position and doing other activities before bed. But sometimes we need to get technology into the mix.

Introducing the Apollo Neuro wearable strap provides specific vibration frequencies to any situation. I really enjoy using it before bed and it allows me to get a deeper sleep, leaving me refreshed and ready for the morning (I’ve been an avid user since 2020). 

Right now, they are offering a $50 discount on their device. If you would like to check it out and see how it can improve your sleep, you can get more information here.

Action steps: 

Do your favorite stretch before going to bed. You just need to do one, so that you can feel great before going to sleep.*If you happen to buy this product, I may receive a small commission, but to clarify that you will NOT be paying anything extra.


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