Episode 31 – When Does Pain Require Further Medical Follow Up?

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Episode 30 – How Does Cannabis Help With Chronic Pain Like Sciatica?

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Episode 29 – How Does Mindset Affect Chronic Pain Recovery

We interview celebrity trainer Steve Jordan on today’s podcast. We learn about his back pain journey and return to a full and fit life after …

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Episode 28 – Sciatica Pain Interview With a Rheumatologist

In today’s episode we interview Dr. Farah Salahuddin, MD, a rheumatologist; Learn about the facets of rheumatology and how inflammatory markers can influence your pain. …

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Episode 27 – Does Core Strengthening Help With Sciatica Pain?

Learn about how core strengthening can help with sciatica pain, but also learn about how it might not be the best solution. Research articles: …

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Episode 26 – Acute vs Chronic Sciatica Pain

Most people might not know exactly what pain is. When dealing with pain, the terms acute and chronic can be used interchangeably without having an …

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Episode 25 – How to Find The Right Provider For Sciatica Pain

Learn about the steps to finding the right provider for you in the journey to sciatica pain relief. Learn more about our new sciatica protocol …

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Episode 24 – Prediabetes and Sciatica Pain

Our first episode of the year will talk about prediabetes, what it is, how to address it, and it’s role in sciatica pain. We interview …

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Client Success Story

Today I just want to give a big shout out to one of my clients who I’ve been working with since February. She’s worked really …

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Behavior Change Techniques

Connecting a new behavior to as many areas of the brain as possible helps to develop new neural pathways.  So it’s best to use all …

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