Mckenzie Press-ups for Sciatica pain

The press-up may be the exercise you need. Why this matters: Robin McKenzie discovered the press-up exercise by accident. He had a patient lay face …

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Stretch your hips

Your tight hips are causing your sciatica pain. Why this matters: If you don’t have enough hip flexion (aka pulling the knee up), that lost …

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Do you have a posterior pelvic tilt?

Your flat back may be causing your issues. Why this matters: When your low back is too flat, it can lead to a posterior pelvic …

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Meditation and Sciatica Pain

Meditation is known to be helpful in managing chronic pain. Why and how does it work? We discuss this in more detail with Joshua Cameron, …

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Breathe better

Your breathing impacts your pelvis position. Why this matters: Most people with an anterior pelvic tilt will have a flared out rib cage and tight …

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Better than pelvic rotations

The “growl” is a powerful core strengthening exercise. Why this matters: In rare cases, I’ll program pelvic tilts into a client’s program. This is because …

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Free your hip flexors

Your quad muscles influence your pelvis position. Why this matters: Yesterday we talked about how the anterior pelvic tilt can influence how your back and …

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Anterior pelvic tilt?

Your pelvic position can influence your pain. Why this matters: The pelvis is the area sitting between your two hip bones. It’s the formation of …

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Minimally Invasive Surgery and Sciatica

Let’s face it. In some cases surgery is needed. How can we tell that surgery is needed? Are surgeons all about getting you under the …

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Walking is the best medicine

You need to walk more. Why this matters: A recent patient of mine told me that once she started walking 5K steps or more a …

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