3 mistakes adults make when dealing with sciatica pain

Wisdom tells us that we learn better from our mistakes than our successes. But what if a mistake prolongs your pain? Why not avoid these …

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Building strength for sciatica pain

Today we interview Tim Caputo, owner of One Life Fitness and Nutrition in NY. We discuss the importance of building strength, and strategies on how …

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Simple trick to improve your posture

When I work with clients through their pain relief journey, one of the first things that I do look at is their posture. Is there …

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Can tight calf muscles affect sciatica pain?

When working through sciatica pain, it is important to start at the original site of pain which is often the lumbar spine (low back). But …

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How to get more out of the back bend stretch for sciatica pain

One of the more common stretches for sciatica pain is the standing back bend, also known as extension in standing. This is a fantastic stretch …

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What are 3 sciatica pain questions every new busy adult needs to ask?

If you’ve been living in pain for years, or this sciatica pain is new to you… The first question that comes to mind is “how …

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Electrical modalities and sciatica pain

There are a lot of tools out on Amazon that provide small bursts of electric current and talk about how it is used for sciatica …

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Famous people can have sciatica too

If you missed it, Adele has been battling with sciatica pain. She’s had on and off bouts of experiencing this condition since she was 15 …

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Pain or discomfort? What is the difference?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be interviewed by a gym owner discussing the difference between discomfort and pain. Being able to understand the two …

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Can you move your hips?

I was a guest on a podcast and at the end of the interview, the host asked me what were the most common causes of …

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