Strong core = Less pain

There is some validity to the concept of adding in “core strengthening” exercises to a sciatica program. It was thought that weakness in the core …

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Staying pain free when on the road

Today we interview Ashley and Trey Hall of Trained for Adventure. They live the nomadic lifestyle and break down some key strategies on how to …

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3 Questions to ask your provider

If you are currently under the care of a provider (doctor, physical therapist, chiropractor, etc.) I am so happy for you. You have taken another …

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How to release tight hip flexors

If your sciatica pain is paired with tight hips, groin pain, and/or tightness in the front of your thigh; then you may be experiencing tension …

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Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression (aka “traction therapy”) can be helpful for those who are experiencing sciatica and/or low back pain. The theory is that the implementation of …

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Stress resolution and pain

Today we interview Christopher Maher, a former Navy Seal turned transformation specialist. We take a deep dive into how stress affects our lives and ways …

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Child’s pose stretch for sciatica

Yoga is often though of a fantastic way to relieve sciatica pain in a safe and low threshold environment. In fact, I love yoga and …

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The pigeon stretch is not that great

One of the commonly suspected tissues contributing to sciatica pain is the piriformis muscle, and as a result, the piriformis stretch, aka “the pigeon stretch” …

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Hamstring stretch is overrated

Tight hamstrings can be identified by a professional when they have you lie down on your back and they passively elevate your leg up to …

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The best exercise for sciatica pain

“Motion is lotion” (source: most medical professionals). This is a highly underrated and underutilized quote that everyone should know. I say that it is highly …

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