Foods that Help with Sciatica

The causes of Sciatica can vary, although it most commonly occurs when a herniated disc or narrowing of the spine compresses part of the nerve. …

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What is Sciatica?

Here at, we help busy adults live free of sciatica pain without the use of medications or surgery. And the first step to fixing …

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What is Pain?

Let’s talk about pain. What is it, and how does it actually work.  Now, pain is actually the perception of a specific stimulus that helps …

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Recovering from Tissue Injury

Tissue injury is one of the most common and widely known mechanisms of pain. A tissue that includes joints, muscles, ligaments, or nerves can get …

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Anatomy of Sciatica

Sciatica is just a description of what and where your pain is located.  Sciatica itself is not going to tell you what the cause of …

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Coping Mechanisms

Chronic pain is strongly influenced by the ways in which the brain processes pain signals. So in addition to medical care, it’s equally as important …

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Foods that Help and Harm Sleep

Foods to include in your diet to help you get some rest are bananas. If you usually start your day with them, you might want …

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Eat to Sleep

Sleep deprivation shuts down the release of growth hormone which is necessary for relieving pain and healing the body. Poor sleep may also intensify the …

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Back Pain and Headaches

A new study revealed that people with persistent back pain or persistent headaches are twice as likely to suffer from both disorders. This association is …

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Joint Pain

We talked about alleviating joint pain through diet. But what are some other techniques that you can do right now to dial down the pain? …

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