Move your ribs

Your rib cage plays a big role in pain management. Why this matters: When you take a deep breath, it is more than just a …

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Meditate your pain away

Meditation is a useful tool for pain management. Why this matters: When you’re in pain, everything you do should be focusing on reducing that pain. …

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Autoimmune Disorders and Sciatica Pain

The immune system is important as it protects us from pathogens in the environment. However, in some cases, the immune system can be super sensitive, …

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Case study day 4, the follow up

Yesterday we talked about interventions. How do we know something is working? When you are in an active state of pain, every action you do …

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Overstimulation and Sciatica Pain

What happens when we are stressed? This podcast interview with Dr. Krystal Sodaitis, MD discusses how our nervous system can process pain when we are …

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Case study day 3, interventions

This week we’ve been covering a recent case. Here’s what you missed yesterday. To highlight, we identified that Matt’s symptoms resolved with backwards bending and …

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Case Study, day 2, objectives

Yesterday, I shared with you the start of our case study series for the week. We met Matt, who is an avid golfer with pain …

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Case study, day 1, meet Matt

I’m changing this up this week to focus on sharing with you an awesome case study/success story. We’ll spend the next 5 days talking about …

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A helpful stretch for herniated discs

The cat cow stretch is overrated. Why this matters: A herniated disc will get more irritated with lumbar flexion (aka bending). Why is the cat …

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Why are your muscles tight?

Muscle tension can be caused by true tightness or instability. Why this matters: We all need a baseline level of muscle tension. That tight feeling …

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