Turmeric for Sciatica Pain

Turmeric may be helpful with sciatica pain. Why this matters: More and more people are searching for a natural way to treat sciatica pain (outside …

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Rock your hips for less pain

You might not have enough hip motion. Why this matters: Hip motion, not flexibility is important for back health and pain relief. Flexibility is the …

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Take the stairs

Stair walking is an underrated exercise Why this matters: It’s important to get moving when dealing with an injury. Staying in bed results in more …

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Get more sleep

More sleep means less pain Why this matters: An article published last year showed that less sleep equals more pain. This is due to its …

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The McKenzie Method and Sciatica Pain

The McKenzie method is a way to treat sciatica pain. But there are a lot of misconceptions about how it works and if it does …

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How to manage a flare up

Flare ups will happen. What will you do when it does? Why this matters: You’re more likely to experience another bout of sciatica pain in …

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Walk up a hill

Uphill walking is better than flat ground and downhill. Why this matters: One common concern when dealing with sciatica pain is minimizing impact. We need …

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The 4% Rule

One hour of exercise will not fix your pain. Why this matters: We live with a 24 hour clock, and that one hour that is …

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Sciatica Pain Case Study (Knee)

Every now and then we’ll be sharing a case study with you to show our thought process on how to address sciatica pain. Today’s episode …

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Better than a hamstring stretch

Stretching your hamstrings is not very effective. Why this matters: One of the common stretches provided in a pain relief program is the hamstring stretch. …

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