But what do you really need?

Good Morning, One of the first questions that we ask when people walk through our doors is “what are your goals?” Usually the question that …

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We’ve always been here…

Hello there, If you started with a workout routine and/or nutrition plan this year and for some reason (out of your control) have fallen off …

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Sunday Scaries

Hello there, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. Do you get the scaries about Monday being just around the corner? Every Sunday, my wife and …

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What’s your relationship with fitness?

Hi there, The fitness industry and social media have glorified unrealistic body images for the public. Crazy workout and diet plans were structured to perpetuate …

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Pho with friends

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great 4th of July holiday. If you missed it on social media, we just started a “pho …

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How to avoid the meat sweats

Happy July 4th from the team at Hudson River Fitness! Today we all get to celebrate the United States of America’s birthday. On this holiday, …

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Traveling for fun?

Hello! If you have off the rest of the week, today probably feels like a Friday to you. Where are you going? Yesterday I we …

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Do you like traveling?

Hello there! As you may have read earlier this week, my flight back from Austin was cancelled and it resulted in us staying an additional …

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You know what makes me nervous?

Hey there, I wanted to share with you something that gives me the nervous sweats. You know, the sweat that stinks the moment something scares …

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Lemonade out of Lemons

Happy Sunday! This past week my wife and I were in Austin, Texas enjoying BBQ and exploring the amazing farmers market. We were supposed to …

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