Pain with sitting? Try this!

You’re sitting wrong if it hurts.Why this matters:I recently spoke with a new client who shared that their physical therapist and chiropractor weren’t helping their ...
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How to improve your sleep

Is pain limiting your sleep? Why this matters:  The research shows that a lack of sleep will result in more pain sensitivity. You may be ...
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Movement Reeducation and Sciatica Pain

Today we interview Ryan Hurst, founder of GMB Fitness. With a background in martial arts, gymnastics, and movement, he is a leading expert in helping ...
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Right leg vs left leg

Lunging helps balance asymmetries. Why this matters: The reverse lunge exercise is a great way to measure the difference between your left and right leg. ...
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Nerve flossing 101

What is nerve flossing? Your nerves may be sticky. Why this matters: If you injure a body part, you’ll experience inflammation. The same goes when ...
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A better way to stand

Trying to stand up straight is increasing your pain. Why this matters: The thought of standing up straight already leads us to making changes to ...
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3 Steps to Sciatica Pain Relief

This simple 3 step framework will help you tackle the hard to manage sciatica pain. The great news is that this can be applied to ...
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PRP and Sciatica Pain (Part 2)

Today we meet with Dr. Jonathan M. Fields to discuss the role of PRP and healing from sciatica pain. We go in depth about the ...
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Spinal twists for herniated discs

You are twisting wrong. Why this matters: A common exercise seen in sciatica rehab programs is a spinal twist. Imagine laying on your back, feet ...
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Better than a hamstring stretch

Stop stretching your hamstrings. Why this matters: One of the most common stretches you’ll see when treating sciatica and low back pain is the hamstring ...
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