Breathe your pain away

Stress can be a huge contributing factor to back pain. A couple months ago, I was working with a mother who was going through hectic ...
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Eat for a pain free low back

Nutrition is the foundation to our health and recovery. If your body isn’t properly fueled, expect subpar results. In today’s video we’ll be covering 5 ...
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Does your environment make your back pain worse?

You can stretch, exercise, and mobilize all you want. But if the world around you isn’t conducive to your success, you are fighting an uphill ...
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How to pick up objects with low back pain

You hurt your lower back, but you have to pick up that pen you just dropped… or your child is asking you for help. Will ...
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Do you understand your low back pain?

Understanding your low back pain is crucial to the recovery and return to normal function. In today’s video you’ll learn about where you are in ...
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Achy back while sitting?

Today’s video will show you how to minimize the achiness you experience in your lower back while sitting in a chair for hours at a ...
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The first step to fixing your back pain

This changed my view on how to help others recover from back pain. How does back pain affect your life? Take 5 minutes today and ...
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Hudson River Fitness Updates

I hope you’re doing well during this pandemic. a lot has changed since we last spoke a few months ago. Hudson River Fitness has moved ...
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Is laughter the best medicine?

Have you ever noticed that the moment you smile, you start to feel happier and more energetic? There have been a growing number of scientific ...
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A tree fell on our garage last week

A tree broke and fell on our garage last week. Luckily no one was hurt. The most common cause for a tree falling is that ...
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