Meet Shena!

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to help such amazing people. Today I wanted to introduce you to Shena. She came to us …

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Three tips to fix your shoulders and low back

It is Monday and you know what that means! It’s leg or chest day! As we begin a new training cycle with a focus on …

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Are you not prepared for the week?

Do you ever wake up on a Sunday and think, “oh my goodness where did the weekend go?” and then start to panic about the …

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Did you know?

Food tells a story. It shares with you its origins, culture while also nourishing your body and soul. The best way to learn about others …

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Want to hear an interesting fact of women in business?

Hey Pandas!  Ashley and I had the opportunity to network with a bunch of awesome individuals in Jersey City this week who were all inspiring …

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Are you not excited for the weekend?

Earlier this week, I wrote about how a relative of mine talked about how quickly time flies with the phrase “the days are long but …

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Are you interested in making new friends?

Science has shown that making/having friends plays an integral part in one’s happiness. In our group classes members are working alongside their friends, which makes it …

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Top 5 hacks to lose fat

One of the more common goals that fitness coaches get approached with is “lose weight”. Now there is some merit to that specific goal, as …

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Meet Evan!

Good morning, I would like to introduce you to Evan. He’s been a member of Hudson River Fitness for about a year now. He was …

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Are you ready for the week?

Happy Sunday! It was brought to my attention that the official end of summer is tomorrow, September 23rd. That means that (hopefully) the weather is …

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