Vitamin E for back pain

Vitamin E has been proven to reduce low back pain by repairing damaged tissue and managing inflammation. In some cases, deficiencies in vitamin E can ...
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Grocery shopping without pain

Do you have pain when carrying groceries? The root of this issue can often be fixed by making a conscious effort to stabilize your core ...
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Climb mountains to fix your pain

I hope these videos are helpful for you. A lot of times, clients of mine will start to feel better but they’ll still be apprehensive ...
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World Record Plank Hold

The world record plank hold is 8 hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds and held by a 62 year old military veteran. That’s quite a ...
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A bridge with a twist

A few days ago, I talked about how the supine glute bridge can be an excellent exercise for saving you time since it strengthens your ...
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One of the best exercises for your back pain

We all have busy lives. I get it. You’re not alone if it feels overwhelming to keep up with all these exercises I’ve been emailing ...
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You need to do more than just “stretch”

Stretching is great. It can be super helpful for loosening up your tight hips and lower back, which in turn can reduce your back pain. ...
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This spice can reduce your pain

If you like adding spice to your food, then our health coach, Sara Subhani shares with you the benefits of Turmeric in today’s video. This ...
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Tall kneeling unilateral pelvic tilt

So over the past several days, I’ve shown you a bunch of exercises you can do to alleviate your back pain. Have they been working ...
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Unilateral pelvic tilt

Remember Jaime? (Hint: She had back pain due to a super ‘arched’ low back). In today’s video, I share another exercise that was able to ...
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