A new hip stretch

Your hips need to rotate side to side. Why this matters: One motion that often gets overlooked in sciatica pain recovery is hip rotation. There ...
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Your belly button and sciatica pain

Stop sucking in your belly button. Why this matters: We were told as children to suck in our stomachs and stand up straight. However, years ...
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New dynamic core exercise

Dynamic core strength is needed. For some. Why this matters: Core strength is an important part of recovery. It is mostly applied to activity and ...
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You need to change your behaviors for long lasting relief. Why this matters: I recently worked with a 60+ year old man who was complaining ...
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Every detail is important

Your recovery is hidden within your pain story. Why this matters: I recently had a call with a prospective (now new) client, where she shared ...
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What is a patient advocate?

The magic of relief doesn’t always happen during the treatment/exercise/stretch session. A one hour session only accounts for about 4% of a 24 hour period, ...
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Walk without pain

Think about your belly button when walking. Why this matters: The abdominals are often the area that people associate with the core. Having core strength ...
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Do one thing today

Something is better than nothing. Why this matters: Have you ever seen that graph that shows what it looks like if you progressed 1% every ...
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How vs what?

How you do things matters more than what you are doing Why this matters: I recently had a call with a prospect who was talking ...
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How long is the healing process?

Your healing timeline is dependent on the cause of pain Why this matters: Each tissue in our body has a different healing timeline. They all ...
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