A great hip stretch

Are you squatting low enough? Why this matters: You need to have sufficient hip range of motion to take the stress off of your back. ...
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Ayurvedic Healing and Sciatica Pain

The ayurvedic healing arts originated in India thousands of years ago. How can it help with health and pain management? Today we step into the ...
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Topical Analgesics and Rehabilitation

Do topical analgesics work? What are they? How do they work? We interview Jordan Battaglia, founder of Play on Relief, a company that has created ...
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Pain in the butt?

Your piriformis may be the issue. Why this matters: The sciatic nerve follows a very long path, from your brain and all the way down ...
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Get out of a chair without pain

You can squat pain free. Why this matters: We’re going to need to sit and rise from a chair. You do not need to feel ...
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Bend over without pain

You can touch your toes. Why this matters: We’ll need to bend over to pick something up in our daily lives. Why make it scary? ...
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Rounding isn’t bad for you

Lumbar flexion can be ok for you. Why this matters:  The low back consists of multiple joints that move in all directions. Movement itself isn’t ...
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Physiatry, Sciatica and Regenerative Medicine

What is physiatry? What options are there in regenerative medicine? How does a physiatrist evaluate you for sciatica pain? We learn this and more with ...
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Trauma, Pain, and Recovery

How do the traumas we encounter in life affect our pain? Today we answer that question and more with Lauren Fonvielle, an energy healer and ...
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The perfect storm

Consider your pain as a storm in the ocean and you’re a boat. Why this matters: Pain is a normal part of life. It signals ...
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