In case you missed it!

Hey! In case you missed yesterday’s post on instagram, one of our youth athletes (Ellis) reached a new mile stone. He just completed his first muscle …

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Just Breathe

Have you ever heard of the book Why zebras don’t get ulcers?It is a book that discusses the effect of stress on the human body by evaluating …

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Great addition to your weekly routine!

Did you know that the stairs is a great piece of equipment that is both free to use and effective on challenging the body? Consider …

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This post can help your back

If you are having issues with constantly “tweaking” your back when squatting, picking things up, or even running then this message is for you. Planks …

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Can you walk the walk?

Research has shown that “walking appears to have CVD (cardiovascular disease)- related health benefits in younger, middle, and older men and women. How many steps is …

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Calling all men ages 18 and up!

A research article was published last week discussing the relationship between pushup capacity and future cardiovascular (CVD) events among adult men. In this study, it was concluded …

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Dream Come True

Wanna know how you can accomplish your dreams? Build a healthy body and mind and nothing will stop you

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Tired of not seeing results?

November 15, 2017 We are halfway through our testing phase evaluating all the progress that was made over the past 8 weeks. It is amazing …

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CSA is here!

Taylor James of Flipside Farms has delivered the first CSA order today.  Check out the video below to see what veggies he’s brought this week! …

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Hips Don’t Lie

My hips have been feeling tight after the long weekend at the Two Brain Business Summit in Chicago, Illinois.  Here is a quick and easy …

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