Something awesome happened this week…

We are really excited to being a partner with S.L.A.M Hoboken!

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Help First

Did you know that Hudson River Fitness hosts a fundraising event almost every month? Tonight we will be hosting a workout and wine night in ...
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Do you follow the rule of 3?

Three simple steps to achieving your health and fitness goal

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Are you willing to give up on your goals this year?

Learn more about our 21 day challenge starting December 1st!

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How to work around a sprained ankle

Ankle injuries should stop you from doing what you love!

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One simple trick to having a better Monday

All you need to do is take one action step today!

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Do you like salmon?

Here is a quick and delicious salmon recipe!

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Interested in our youth coaching program?

Meet one of Hudson River Fitness’ youth coaching clients!

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What does strength mean to you?

Strength can mean a lot of things. Let us help you find your strength!

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How strong is your core?

First off, Happy Veterans Day. On behalf of the team at Hudson River Fitness, we thank you veterans for your service. There are many benefits ...
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