Do planks really help with your back pain?

The answer is not what you think!

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What can the Squatty Potty tell us about ourselves?

You’ll be surprised!

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What is your MRI not telling you?

Your MRI results might not be what you think…

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Do you need help?

You don’t have to follow your fitness journey alone. Don’t quit on yourself when there are coaches who can help you!

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What do dog collars and a baby’s first steps have in common?

You’ll have to read more to find out!

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What does the future look like?

Envisioning the future is a powerful tool to accomplishing your goals!

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The power of why…

Is your ‘why’ strong enough to push you towards your goals?

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5 Days…

There is less than a week left before Quitters day

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6 days…

Quitters day is January 19th. This week we are focusing on motivation and avoiding being a statistic!

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8 days left…

Action step: enjoy the weekend and recover from the last few days!

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