We’re no longer in our 20’s (part 2)

Training priorities change as we age, and they are different between men and women!

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Happy Holidays!

Even though the gym is closed, you can still workout!

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And that’s when I realized I was no longer in my 20s…

Health priorities for men in their 30s

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This reality hit me after a 4 day hangover…

Fitness/health priorities in your 20s

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And that’s how I ended up being a Division 1 athlete…

If you have a child athlete, this article is for you!

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How fast is fast?

One very important part of goal setting is setting a specific time frame, especially when going through the SMART protocol: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time ...
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The best way to beat a hangover

Enjoy the holiday parties without the pain!

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The case for resistance training

People say that strength training is important, but the science confirms it!

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The best way to boost motivation

Success is closer than you think!

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Free at home workout template

Can’t make it to the gym? Try out this free workout template and take it anywhere with you!

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