New Month = Fresh Start

Today marks the second day of a new month. This is the perfect time to get a fresh start, set some new goals and get ...
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What to do with leftover Halloween candy

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. November 1st marks the official start of the “foodpocalypse”.  If you missed the past couple emails, ...
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How to enjoy Halloween treats without the guilt

Halloween candy sales reached $9 billion in 2018. That’s a lot of candy corn and chocolate! But Halloween also marks the beginning of what is ...
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Is weight training good for your joints?

The popularization of functional fitness and weight training routines has brought up the question of the long term effects of this type of exercise. There ...
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How to take control of this week

Don’t let life stop you from accomplishing your goals!

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How do you feel about meal prep?

Happy Thursday! If you spend all day Sunday cooking/prepping all your meals this week, then you may be getting tired of eating that chicken that ...
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Members got messy this weekend!

Photo Cred: Evan Matthysse

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So I did something this weekend

This weekend I attended a course that focused on working with the spine, which included the neck, low back, mid back, and nerves. The biggest ...
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It’s bright spots Friday!

Yesterday we talked about failure. Today, we get to talk about winning! If this is something new for you, we practice Bright Spots Friday every week ...
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It’s ok to fail

How to fail the right way!

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