Do you like traveling?

Hello there! As you may have read earlier this week, my flight back from Austin was cancelled and it resulted in us staying an additional ...
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You know what makes me nervous?

Hey there, I wanted to share with you something that gives me the nervous sweats. You know, the sweat that stinks the moment something scares ...
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Lemonade out of Lemons

Happy Sunday! This past week my wife and I were in Austin, Texas enjoying BBQ and exploring the amazing farmers market. We were supposed to ...
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Saturdays are Ferda… Farmers Markets!

Good morning! My favorite thing about Saturdays in the summer is the farmers market on 14th street. Twice a week (also on Tuesdays) these farmers ...
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This really scared me

We hosted the Murph Challenge on Memorial Day this year. For those who don’t know what that is, it is a workout in honor of ...
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How to impress your doctors!

Hi there, I wanted to share with you a quick story about one of our longtime members. She started with us for private training back ...
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In case you missed it!

Hey! In case you missed yesterday’s post on instagram, one of our youth athletes (Ellis) reached a new mile stone. He just completed his first muscle ...
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Just Breathe

Have you ever heard of the book Why zebras don’t get ulcers?It is a book that discusses the effect of stress on the human body by evaluating ...
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Great addition to your weekly routine!

Did you know that the stairs is a great piece of equipment that is both free to use and effective on challenging the body? Consider ...
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This post can help your back

If you are having issues with constantly “tweaking” your back when squatting, picking things up, or even running then this message is for you. Planks ...
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