3 stretches to fix your hips and your shoulders!

Hello! There is a common phrase amongst health and wellness professionals that states “sitting is the new smoking”. I would like to take it a step ...
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Making your plans to give back!

Happy Sunday!  Quick update on some events that will be happening over the next couple weeks.  This coming Saturday, 9/14 at 11am, we will be ...
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Want to support a great cause?

Hey there! If you haven’t been following us on social media, we are hosting a fundraiser workout to support Hope + Future on Saturday, September ...
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Back to school breakfast recipes!

A few words from our nutrition coach Amber! School is back in session and I’m sure every parent is dreading the morning rush. Wake up, ...
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Can I build muscle and shed fat?

Good morning, People will want to gain muscle and lose fat for a multitude of reasons. Improve their health, strength, fitness, endurance.The combination of the ...
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Will lifting weights make me bulky?

Good morning! The answer to this question is…”it depends”. There are a lot of health benefits to lifting weights (aka- resistance training, weightlifting) which include: ...
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Did you win this week?

Good morning! We’re approaching the second to last Friday of the summer. You can interpret that as happy news or sad news. However, what we ...
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Celebrating our moms!

Good morning! Here at Hudson River Fitness, we work with people of all fitness levels, backgrounds and goals. We’ve had the opportunity to work with ...
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Calling all dads!

Hey there! Did you know that following a sustainable fitness routine can help you keep up with the demands of a growing child? Imagine being ...
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Does your back hurt?

Good morning, I hope you had a great weekend. If you missed the post on social media last week one of our clients, Amparo, made ...
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