A new way to treat sciatica pain

There’s a limit to your exercise/stretching program. Why this matters: When you’re dealing with sciatica pain at rest, there should be a position that provides ...
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The truth about glute strength

The glute bridge exercise is not enough. Why this matters: The glute muscles (maximus, medius, and minimus) work together for hip extension (kicking back), hip ...
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Sciatica Pain in Your 40s and 50s

Is your pain due to a real injury or are you just getting old? Today’s interview is with Deborah Moore, a health and wellness coach ...
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Antidepressants for Sciatica Pain?

What medications are available for sciatica pain? We discuss with Dr. Bailey Schroeder, a pharmacist, how tricyclic antidepressants are used to manage pain like sciatica. ...
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How to manage a flareup

Your pain flare up is useful information for recovery. Why this matters: When we experience a sciatica pain flare up, it’s easy to lose hope ...
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Tired of doing McKenzie Press-ups?

It’s time to look at another direction of motion. Why this matters: Most rehabilitation programs are going to focus on adding in prone press-ups or ...
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How often should you do your exercises?

The type of exercise will dictate how many times you do it per day. Why this matters: When you’re following a pain relief program, every ...
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Fix spinal stenosis

It’s ok to touch your toes. Why this matters: Bones grow as we age and move. Spinal stenosis often occurs on the side of our ...
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Fix a herniated disc

Discs move, and need movement to heal. Why this matters: The jelly in the discs will move in the direction of least resistance and pressure. ...
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Truth about spinal stenosis

Don’t treat the MRI, treat the pain. Why this matters: The term stenosis means “narrowing”. That’s it. Spinal stenosis means that there is narrowing in ...
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