Case study, day 1, meet Matt

I’m changing this up this week to focus on sharing with you an awesome case study/success story. We’ll spend the next 5 days talking about this client, my thought process, and how I helped them recover to full function. The goal of this week is to share with you some hope, but also some things you should be expecting when working with a professional when trying to fix this problem.

So meet Joe. He is a 79 year old man, who is fairly athletic; goes to the gym, plays golf, walks on a daily basis.  About 5 weeks from our first meeting, he was driving about 6 hours, and noticed that the pain in his right (gas/brake) leg was getting progressively worse. He was having pain from his butt, to the back of his thigh, down his shin (front and back). Shortly thereafter, every time he sat in the car, his symptoms would reappear and then disappear when he stood up. These were the questions that I asked him:

Are there any activities (other than sitting that produced this pain?)

How does it feel when he touches his toes?

How long can he tolerate sitting before feeling his pain?

What type of car does he drive?

Does he feel any pain/symptoms when he’s working out at the gym?

Does he feel pain when playing golf?

Is he right or left handed?

And more.

Action steps:

When you are working with a professional, they should be asking you more follow up questions to get a better understanding of what the challenges are. The answers to the questions will do a few things: set a baseline (we’ll cover that tomorrow), provide an idea of the cause of pain, and help set some expectations.

So go back and answer these questions for yourself. You may find out some interesting things about your pain.


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