Case study day 4, the follow up

Yesterday we talked about interventions. How do we know something is working? When you are in an active state of pain, every action you do should be reducing the pain. But the magic doesn’t end during the session. You see, a 1 hour session only accounts to about 4% of a 24 hour period. Meaning if you’re with a professional for 1-2x/week, that is only a small percentage of the time. We need to see how things are going outside of the session itself.

This is why when I work with my clients I follow up on a daily basis to ensure that we have long lasting improvements, but we can also problem solve together should things go awry.

Recovery isn’t just a set it and forget it. It requires a daily check in and changes if need be.

Action steps:

How are you today? What did you do yesterday that may have improved or worsened your symptoms? What action steps can you take today to improve? The magic is in the follow through.Daily follow ups are also present in our sciatica protocol. You can start your free 3 day trial here.


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