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Roll out your quads

The front of your thighs does not get enough attention. Why this matters: The muscles on the front of your thigh are called your quadriceps,

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Core Stiffness = Less Pain

Core strength is overrated. Why this matters: The majority of pain specialist will focus on core strength to help improve sciatica and back pain. Strength

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Weakness and Sciatica pain

Sciatica nerve irritation can cause weakness in your legs Why this matters: The spectrum of nerve irritation looks like this (from most irritation to least):

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Self Check in

Perform a self assessment to dictate your next steps. Why this matters: Pain management is simple. Focus on the activities/stretches that improve your pain and

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Accept HSA/FSA

Great news! Have an HSA or FSA account? You can now seamlessly use these funds to pay for your sessions with us – which results

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Move your ankles

Tight ankles = more pain? Why this matters: An overlooked motion in the ankle is called “dorsiflexion”. This means pulling the ball of the foot

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Sleep more

Less sleep = more pain Why this matters: A study in 20202 showed that sleep deprivation resulted in hyperalgesia (increased pain). This is because one

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Reframe your pain

You can change your perception of your pain Why this matters: We have a specific narrative in our heads/minds about our pain. If you’ve been

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