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Cure for tight hamstrings

You’re missing out if you are only “stretching” your hamstrings. Why this matters: Hamstring tension may be a cause of sciatica pain. Tight hamstrings may

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Considering a lumbar roll?

Not all lumbar rolls are created equal. Why this matters: If your sciatica pain is caused by a herniated disc: hurts more with forward bending

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NSAIDs and Sciatica Pain

You’ve probably come across Advil and Motrin for pain at some point in your life. These are easily accessible and cheap. They belong to a

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A new way to treat sciatica pain

There’s a limit to your exercise/stretching program. Why this matters: When you’re dealing with sciatica pain at rest, there should be a position that provides

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The truth about glute strength

The glute bridge exercise is not enough. Why this matters: The glute muscles (maximus, medius, and minimus) work together for hip extension (kicking back), hip

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How to manage a flareup

Your pain flare up is useful information for recovery. Why this matters: When we experience a sciatica pain flare up, it’s easy to lose hope

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