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Fix spinal stenosis

It’s ok to touch your toes. Why this matters: Bones grow as we age and move. Spinal stenosis often occurs on the side of our

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Fix a herniated disc

Discs move, and need movement to heal. Why this matters: The jelly in the discs will move in the direction of least resistance and pressure.

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Truth about spinal stenosis

Don’t treat the MRI, treat the pain. Why this matters: The term stenosis means “narrowing”. That’s it. Spinal stenosis means that there is narrowing in

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Disc Herniations

Your disc might not be the source of your pain. Why this matters: Disc herniations can be diagnosed via MRI. However, research shows that changes

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Your pain behaviors

Your pain reactions will influence the exercises/stretches you need to do. Why this matters: We follow a simple 3 step process for pain recovery. 1)

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