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What is Flat Feet?

Do the arches of your feet collapse in standing and walking? Why does this happen? Is it bad? Today we get a chance to answer

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Get out of bed

You’re doing it wrong. Why this matters: If you open your eyes in the morning with no pain, but then your pain starts when you

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Extensions not working?

Prone press-ups are not a cure all. Why this matters: Back extensions were accidentally discovered by Australian Physio, Robin McKenzie. It started with him forgetting

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Truth about nerve flossing

What if you’re doing nerve flossing wrong? Why this matters: A commonly prescribed exercise/stretch for sciatica pain is the nerve floss. It can be a

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The cure for flat feet

There is an easier way to fix flat feet. Why this matters: Flat feet, aka “pes planus”, is the flattening of the plantar arch of

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Don’t be afraid

Your fear is tied to your pain. Why this matters: The fear we experience is a survival mechanism. It protects us from danger. The same

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