Core Stiffness = Less Pain

Core strength is overrated.

Why this matters:

The majority of pain specialist will focus on core strength to help improve sciatica and back pain. Strength has three components: ability to produce force/movement, ability to resist force (stability), and the ability to coordinate movement. However, the majority of programs focus producing force and resist motion. This is often seen with partial crunches, planks, and anything that requires you to contract your abs, or back muscles.

Core stiffness on the other hand is the ability to maintain tension throughout the midline (area between the shoulders and hips); this results in less motion, more strength in the hips and shoulders, and less pain. Imagine being able to pick something up from the ground without pain.

Most disc herniations and arthritis development is due to wear and tear on the joints of the back. Wear and tear of the joints is caused by excessive shear forces (sliding of joints). We can prevent this from occurring when building stiffness in the spine.

Action steps:

Creating some tension in the core when moving will allow you to feel a lot better and more confident. Build your core stiffness by bracing when you are rising from a chair or picking up an object off of the floor. It is not expected to hold this tension 24/7. The amount of pressure you create will be relative to the task at hand.

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