Do one thing today

Something is better than nothing.

Why this matters:

Have you ever seen that graph that shows what it looks like if you progressed 1% every day? It’s quite compelling. Oftentimes we think that recovery is like a light switch, yes or no. However, recovery is more like a sliding scale. There are varying degrees of improvement and regression. Knowing this allows you to set realistic expectations for your journey. The key to success in this thought process is to focus on the small activities that bring you the slightest bit of relief or improve your symptoms. Something is better than nothing.

Action steps:

What is one thing that you can do today to make yourself feel better? Is it a weird stretch that provides a little relief? Is it an exercise that society tells you that is wrong? You have permission to do that, because your body is craving it. 

If you need more help on trying to find out what your body needs, check out our patient advocate program that helps you gain access to our team to help you; all on your own time. You can book your free call here.


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