Do you have flat feet?

Walk on the outer edge of your feet/shoes.

Why this matters: 

Pes planus, also known as flat feet is a condition that happens when the arches of your feet fall to the ground. This is due to a weakening of the platnar fascia and causes the arch to collapse. This can result of a twisting inwards of the knees, rotation of the pelvis, and back pain and sciatica pain when walking. However, the result of flat feet can also be the cause of flat feet. Orthotics will act as bumper guards (like in bowling). So we need to make sure that we’re taking the necessary actions to keep our foot shape consistent to walk longer distances without pain.

Action steps:Turn those feet forward and shift the weight onto the outer edges of your feet. Try this out for 5 minutes per day and then increase by 1-2 minutes every week. Eventually you’ll notice a huge change in your walking, your butt will feel different, and your pain should go down. Also in the meantime, check out our podcast talking about this exact issue (and bunions).


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