Does tying your shoe help with your pain?

Throughout this week, I’ve shared with you some stretches that may seem weird but are effective in bringing down pain. What if you felt some relief or improvement in your symptoms when reaching down towards the other foot?

This movement is called the flexion quadrant. It is pretty much in essence leaning forward and bending towards one side. Why would this movement be helpful?

If you are leaning away from the side of pain (video to the right, video to the left) then this movement is opening up the spine that may have developed some arthritis in the joints. The arthritis reduces the space of which the nerves that create the sciatic nerve exit, and as a result may cause pinching when we lean towards the side of pain. As a result, we would want to minimize any backward bending as this could pinch the nerves more. If this stretch works, I usually start with 10 repetitions every 2-3 hours. 

You’ll notice that a stretch or position makes you feel better through a spectrum of presentations. Unfortunately most of the time, it isn’t just a snap your fingers and the pain goes away. Usually, an improvement in symptoms are a result of the following: a reduction in pain intensity (moves closer to a zero out of 10), a reduction in the size of pain (widespread to pinpoint), the pain moves up closer to your spine vs down your leg (centralization), and if the sensation in your area feels “right”. All of these are signs indicating that the stretch and position is for you. So let them be your guide.

Some people may say that this stretch can be bad for your spinal discs and can cause them to herniate. Words like this may result in a heightened fear of injury and pain. But if the movement brings your relief then this stretch may be for you.

Do you need help trying to figure out what stretches, exercises, and positions can help with your recovery? Book a free call with us today.

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