Fat and Low Back Pain

Losing weight can help with back pain due to three mechanisms which include reducing the risk of chronic disease, reducing joint stress, and number three, restoring normal biomechanics of the body. 

Nutrition is the most effective way to lose weight without exercise especially when you’re in pain and our Nutrition Coach, Sarah Supani, can help shed more light on that over the next couple of videos. Today, I’m actually going to be sharing with you how you can lose weight and protect your joints at the same time. 

You see, body weight in the absence of muscle is excessive body fat. Without the support of your muscles, the body weight can actually compress and alter the mechanics of your back,

hips, knees, ankles, feet, and toes. This results in arthritis, pain, and nerve irritation. Now, losing weight can reduce the stress on these joints because they have to support less weight and mass. However, your weight gain was probably more so related to your back pain than vice versa so we need to address both problems at the same time which includes increased joint stress and less muscle.

Joint stress can be reduced with weight loss facilitated by proper nutrition and sleeping habits. Muscle tone and support will actually be facilitated by a proper movement program. In fact, if your pain is influenced by the move in a position, then you can be fixed with proper movement and positioning in general based on how you feel. We can accomplish this by incorporating the right types of exercises and movements for you.

The three most effective full-body exercises that you can do to protect your joints, build muscle, lose weight, and reduce your pain include the squat, the hinge, and the press. And what’s even better news is that these full-body exercises recruit way more muscle and burn a lot more calories than isolated exercises hence, the accelerated weight loss. 

So today, get yourself mentally ready to get back into safe and full exercises to accelerate your pain reduction, weight loss, and overall happiness. I’m going to teach you how to squat in a few videos.


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