Get more sleep

More sleep means less pain

Why this matters:

An article published last year showed that less sleep equals more pain. This is due to its poor effects on general health, inflammation, and sensitivity to pain. If you lose sleep, you’re in constant fight or flight mode, and you’ll be more sensitive to everything you come across. The demands from your kids will seem so annoying; the request made by your spouse will feel a little more passive aggressive; and your pain can be more intense than ever after not getting sufficient sleep. If you feel like you’re about to “snap”, then I’m talking to you.

Action steps:

Get more sleep. Go to bed earlier. The work assignment you’ve been focusing on can wait for tomorrow. Stop scrolling through social media at least 30 minutes before bed (usually recommended at least 2 hours, but let’s be reasonable). You can also even rotate your mattress if you’re due up for it. Don’t let lack of sleep hurt your recovery (it should help instead).

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