Get up and walk

Walking is the best exercise for your recovery.

Why this matters:

Scientific research shows that straight bed rest is not as beneficial as controlled movement. Only a small percentage of individuals would benefit from straight rest, as compared to the majority of us would benefit from doing even just a little movement. 

People overlook walking because it is “so basic”. However, there is a lot of value in walking.

  1. It is gentle on the joints, especially when walking up hill.
  2. You can control the speed.
  3. This improves blood flow and promotes healing.
  4. It can relax your nervous system, which calms down nerve irritation. Extra points when walking outside in nature.

Action steps:

Most cell phones have a step tracker nowadays. Take a look at your average step count. Add 15% more steps than your average over the next week. Email me with your step count to help you stay accountable.


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