Have pain in the morning?

Your sleep is making your pain worse.

Why this matters:

We spend anywhere between 4 and 10 hours in bed for sleeping. That is a fair amount of time not moving; which means that our bodies can get stiff, achy, and the pain can get worse. When you wake up, the pain is the most intense, but then subsides after 20 minutes of walking around in the morning. So what gives? It is all about positioning and weight distribution.

Sleep is extremely important. It allows our bodies and minds to rest. But how can we get good quality sleep, knowing that we’ll wake up with pain? This week we’ll cover how to make your bedtime routine easier, so that you can wake up rested, refreshed, and in less pain.

Action steps:

Rotate your mattress 180 degrees. Meaning that the head of the mattress will now be at the foot of the bed and vice versa. This will redistribute the weight from your body to allow for better support. If you can’t do that, switch places in bed with your partner.

Let me know how it goes.


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