How to manage a flare up

Flare ups will happen. What will you do when it does?

Why this matters:

You’re more likely to experience another bout of sciatica pain in the future. It does not mean that you should just give up hope right now. In fact, there is a way for you to recover, but you must remember that this can happen again in the future. The great news is that as you are recovering, you have the tools to feel better if that flare up does happen.

Action steps:

Keep a record of what is helping your recovery right now. Create a digital document labeled “Sciatica Pain”. That way, in the future (maybe even years from now), you can pull it up in the event it starts to hurt again. 

You don’t need to lose hope. In fact, when you’re going through a recovery program, you should know what caused your pain in the first place. Share this with your physical therapist/chiropractor/provider and they should provide modifications and a game plan. If you don’t have a provider, that is totally ok as well. Look into your day and life to see how you can make the changes to minimize the opportunities to get hurt in the future.

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