How to Prevent Disc Herniations

Low back pain and Sciatica are horrible experiences and having an MRI that actually shows nothing to make it even worse. Also, there has been a heightened level of fear about herniating lumbar disc which makes every MRI diagnosis sound like a death sentence. Hearing the phrases, “There’s nothing wrong with you” or “Your back looks like an 80-year-old” or my favorite: “I’m surprised you’re still walking with this type of back issues” only makes the situation worse. 

So here are five tips ensuring that your spinal discs in your back will stay healthy so you can live pain-free. 

The first one is hinging at your hips. Your biggest muscles surround the hips, so you have to use them when moving around. 

The second piece is breathing. If you hold your breath and your body stays super tight and there’s going to be a lot of extra motion at your spine, which is not necessarily what is needed. 

The third piece is maintaining consistent shapes by contracting your abs to minimize that motion at your spine. 

The fourth piece is adding a variety of movements to your day. The body and mind love variety, so keep it interesting. 

And number five, except the fact that degeneration of the spine and bulging discs are like wrinkles, they’re just a normal process of aging and they don’t necessarily correlate or mean that you are going to be in pain. 

And so there is hope and I’m excited to actually share with you in tomorrow’s video on how to manage your own back pain. So bring a notebook and get yourself ready to heal. 


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