How vs what?

How you do things matters more than what you are doing

Why this matters:

I recently had a call with a prospect who was talking to me about how they’ve gone through 2 bouts of physical therapy (6-8 week rounds) and was discharged because they were “fixed”. However, they were still experiencing pain flare ups when playing light sports (running, tennis, etc) as well as when simply picking things up from the floor. I asked them what they did in therapy which included core exercises and stretches. This is very common in the rehabilitation world. There is a lot of value in this type of treatment. However, they failed to look at how the client ran, twisted, and simply picked things off the floor. 

Consider exercise as a way to get stronger; stretches as a way to get more flexible. The third component of recovery is having a plan of returning to previous activities or better. This can’t be done unless we go over how to do things safely and effectively. So in the spirit of improving how things are done, over the next few days, we’ll talk all about this. What you need to know is that being strong and flexible is great, but you also need to be able to do things right.

Action steps:

Do you keep flaring up your pain with an activity? Watch a video of yourself or look at yourself in the mirror and see if you’re doing correctly. Do you need a reference point? Simply google said activity and add in the term “mechanics”. You’ll learn a ton. Or, you can simply reply to this email and say that you need help with “x” activity and I’m sure there is something I can share with you.

Check out our patient advocate program where you can get exclusive access to me so that I can answer every question and help you recover faster. You can book your free call here.


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