How’s your posture?

There is no such thing as perfect posture.

Why this matters:

Interestingly enough there isn’t a consensus on linking posture and pain. But that doesn’t mean that posture doesn’t matter at all. Our bodies were made to move. The evolution of technology has made it so that we are in positions (or postures) for a long period of time. The truth is that we need to have variety in our positions, to minimize opportunities for pain. However, in some cases, we need to have a baseline position that is efficient and stable.

Action steps:

This video on posture shows how you can get into a more efficient posture, which may reduce pain. Recently a client was telling me that they were “drawing in” their belly button when standing. This made their spine straighter. Although this can help out a little bit, drawing in the belly button actually reduces tension in the body. It can also create abnormal movements when holding onto this position for too long.

The video shows my favorite standing position, but I do change positions often.

Move well and move frequently.

I’m looking to do a Q&A in the next coming weeks. If you would like to have your specific questions answered, reply to this email with your questions. I’ll be sure to answer them for you.


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