Improve your breathing

Take a bigger breath in and out.

Why this matters:

If you hold your breath, or fail to fully expand your rib cage when taking a breath in, then you’re dealing with some limitations. This carries over into sciatica pain as it can be caused by suboptimal back positions (either too arched, flattened, or shifted to one side). Being able to breathe normally will relax all of our muscles so they can function better. If you have tight hip flexors, tight hamstrings, a tight butt, or even tight back muscles, these are cues to tell you that we need to breathe better. Yesterday I shared with you how to do it sitting up, you’re going to have to round for that. However, if you can’t tolerate rounding forward, the following technique will serve you better.

Action steps:The 90/90 breathing technique will place you in a safe position to breathe and relax. Not only does this help with moving the muscles more effectively, but it also calms down your nervous system. Spend 5 minutes a day doing this and notice your pain levels go down and your movement being more fluid.


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