Mental stress is linked to increased pain

Reducing your stress will reduce the intensity of your pain.

Why this matters: 

The pain you feel is an electrical impulse that gets processed in your brain. Stress presents itself in two major forms: physical stress and mental/emotional stress. We can manage physical stress by truly resting our bodies. But mental/emotional stress is something that is invisible and we carry it ever where we go. A research article shows that the mental/emotional stress we carry influences our physical pain. Meaning that if we are extremely mentally stressed, we’ll be in more pain.

Action steps: 

Reduce your mental stress. You can actively manage your mental stress through breathing. Two mindset shifts that you can practice include gratitude (focusing on what is good) as well as letting go (releasing yourself from any mental/emotional stresses).

The next time your pain is intensified, ask yourself if you’re going through any mental/emotional stress. You’ll be surprised by what you find out.

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