More hips = Less Sciatica Pain

Your hips will improve your pain.

Why this matters:

One common cause of sciatica pain is spinal “degeneration” or arthritis. This is a generalized term describing the “wear and tear” of a joint, in this case, your spine. Arthritis is thought to be due to genetics and time; But another overlooked cause is excessive movement. Your spine was designed to bend, arch, twist, and side bend. But it wasn’t necessarily designed to move side to side (like two bricks rubbing against each other), and the back can only take on so much movement before pain. Movement is key to healing, but excessive movement can lead to “wear and tear” on the joints.

Too much movement is caused by two major factors: not enough core strength, and not enough hip motion. Core strength is used to stabilize the spine when the rest of the body moves. The hip is a ball and socket joint where the majority of movement should be occurring. But if your hips are tight, that lack of movement needs to be made up somewhere. Usually at the back or the ankle; as a result, you’ll be dealing with pain.

Action step:

Get your hips moving. This lunge floss is my favorite hip stretch because it addresses both bending and extending the hip. This is one of the few stretches that I do every day to keep the hips loose and allow my back to do its job, stabilizing the body. I usually do 90s of this stretch per side and I get on with my day.

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