New dynamic core exercise

Dynamic core strength is needed. For some.

Why this matters:

Core strength is an important part of recovery. It is mostly applied to activity and movement. Because when you’re at rest like sitting or laying down, there is little to no core activity needed. So if you’re experiencing pain at rest, then this exercise isn’t for you. You should be finding the positions/motions/stretches that bring you the most relief. But if you do have pain during movement, then core strength and coordination will most likely help. As in we’re trying to help you find your core, and engage your core when doing activity.

Action steps:I give this exercise to my clients who are looking to add more dynamic motions into their day. Something like if they are experiencing pain when running/jogging, or even when trying to pick something up off of the floor. I recommend doing 3 sets for about 10-15 seconds. The exercise doesn’t have to be done long, and you don’t need to “feel the burn”. If you can feel some shakiness and no pain, that’s the sweet spot.


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