No stretch is too weird, if it works

First off, I would love to hear your questions and concerns. Your challenges fuel me to share more and help you. Feel free to reply directly to this email with any of your thoughts. I am happy to help.

After working with 1000s of people help recover from sciatica pain, I learned that no there is no stretch or exercise is too weird as long as it works. One of the first questions that I ask my clients (and I recommend you ask yourselves), is “what provides you relief?”

When someone tells me that “nothing” makes them feel any better, this provides an opportunity for me to dig deeper. Does the pain fluctuate throughout the day? Is the pain one intensity 24 hours per day? After asking a few more of these follow up questions we discover that there may be one position/movement/stretch/exercise that can provide even the slightest bit of improvement. 

We find opportunities to replicate that same exact motion to maximize the effectiveness. Over the next few days, I’ll share with you some weird stretches that may be helpful with sciatica pain.

Today we’ll cover one of my favorites…. Reaching into the back pocket.

How can you tell if this is truly helpful for you? It is simple: how do you feel when you reach into your back pocket? If it feels better, then you have permission to do that more often. This motion is also known as the extension quadrant.

We are looking at leaning backwards and away/towards the side of pain. It can be done in standing to help either reduce a herniated disc (lean backwards and towards the side of pain) or to open up a space of an arthritic joint (lean backwards and away from pain). Here is what it looks like to the right. Here’s what it looks like towards the left.

It is a simple movement that can be done anywhere because there is no equipment required and completed in standing. I usually recommend 10 repetitions a few times per day, as long as it is helpful.


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