Not breathing worsens your pain

The air you breathe may impact your pain levels.

Why this is important:

Breathing regulates the parasympathetic (rest/digest) and sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system. When we’re in pain, we have a tendency to hold our breath to brace for the next flare up. This actually heightens our awareness and intensity of pain because the body becomes more stressed out. Tapping into the rest digest system will allow your body to lower the pain and calm the entire nervous system down.

Action Steps:

A four second inhale, followed by a four second hold, then a four second exhale, and lastly a four second hold, is a great breathing pattern. This is called box breathing and it is a technique that the Navy SEALs use to stay calm during high stress situations. I usually recommend doing this for 2 minutes at a time to calm everything down. It is also useful to help you fall asleep.

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