Pain recovery: uncover triggers & accelerate progress

Retracing the events leading up to a pain flare up is crucial to understanding what will hasten or delay a recovery.

Why this matters:

A comprehensive health and injury history will provide the information needed to find the right stretches and exercises for recovery. While getting evaluated for your sciatica pain (within a 45-60 minute session) expect: 30 to 45 minutes of information gathering. During this time, we will find out what positions/activities provide you the most relief and how to replicate them more often throughout the day. You will also spend time modifying or eliminating the activities out of your day that increase your pain (as this will prolong recovery).

You don’t always have to do this with a professional.

Action steps:

Make a 2 column list. In one column, list all of the activities/positions that provide you some relief (even a reduction in pain by 0.5 is acceptable). In the other column, make a list of all the activities/positions that make your pain worse.

Next: Plan out how you can implement more of the favorable positions/activities into your day. That can be something as simple as reducing your sitting time by getting up from your chair every hour, or switch to a standing desk.

Plan out how you can modify or eliminate the various positions/activities that make your pain worse. This can be something like having your friend/partner pick up after your child; opting in for a push cart rather than carrying your own groceries in a basket.

Playing the pain detective is crucial to helping you recover. You can either do it on your own with the help of the Sciatica Protocol to accelerate your progress. We are currently offering a free 3 day trial and then only $9.99 per week thereafter.

You can also work directly with us. Book your free strategy call here.

Here’s a recent client success story if you are on the fence about working with us.


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