Pain with getting out of a chair?

You’re getting out of your chair wrong.

Why this matters:

When you have pain with specific movements, we need to be looking at that specific activity and ask “why is this causing pain in the first place?” Rising from a chair as an example, no pain with sitting, and no pain with standing; but the pain exists with that transition. It doesn’t make sense for us to change sitting position or standing position because there is no pain associated with it. The rising from a chair, also known as a squat, is the main culprit. So let’s focus on breaking that movement down to reduce the opportunities for pain. The great news is that rising from a chair is the same as a squat. This is one of my favorite movements, and I practice on a daily basis.

Action steps:

Watch this video on how to squat. As you can see, I am hinging at the hips. This allows the spine to stay in one shape (rounding or arched doesn’t necessarily matter). It is the maintenance of the shape of your back that allows you to use your hips effectively without issue. You don’t need to do sets of 10 (although you can if you’d like to build up leg and core strength). However, this is a great way to practice so that you can do another activity without pain.Interested in seeing how you can get a daily customized movement program for your relief? Check out the Sciatica Protocol, and claim your 3 day free trial here.


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