Pain=request for a change

You’re doing things wrong

Why this matters:

The second step in our system is to “avoid or modify the activities that cause pain”. Truth is, every time we bring on the pain, we are slowly picking at a scab. Now scabs do heal, but with every pick, there is pain and healing is delayed. So every time you flex forward at your back and the pain comes on, it is your body telling you “please stop this, for now”. We need to change how we do things.

Action step:

Look at the activities that cause more pain. Ask yourself: “What do I need to change to make this less painful?”

Do you need to change your position? Perhaps tighten up your abs a little more? Do you need to move at the hips more? Do you need to avoid the activity altogether for now as you heal?

Whatever modification you need to do during that activity, you have permission to do so.

Don’t know what I mean about this? Reply to this email with any activities that flare you up. I’ll be happy to help break it down for you in more detail.


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