Rest is good

You need to rest

Why this matters:

Our bodies tell us exactly what we need. Yesterday I was at the Bruce Springsteen concert in Milan, Italy. It was a 12 hour day with commuting to and from, with a 3+ hour show played by the Boss himself. Today is also our travel day from Milan to Rome. My wife and I knew that it was going to be an activity filled day. So we slept in and had a nice leisurely breakfast. Resting is extremely helpful especially when you are stressed, overworked, or tired in general. It is ok to take a moment and let yourself recover.

Action steps:

Give yourself permission to stay still. Get a few minutes of sleep, lay in bed a little longer if that is what you need.

If you’ve been completely sedentary since the onset of your pain, what can you do for 5 minutes that won’t increase your pain?

You have permission to listen to your body and follow its instructions.If you need help in trying to find the right activities to help you recover, check out our Sciatica Protocol, or reply to this message.


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