Snails are faster than you think

I saw this little snail make its way across the concrete in front of my house. It got me thinking about how living with pain can feel like moving at a “snail’s pace”, where progress is so slow that it’s frustrating.

Snails move at a pace of 0.029 miles per hour, or 153 ft per hour. If we convert that to human speed, that’s the equivalent of walking about 2 miles per hour. It’s not fast, but definitely not standstill traffic.

Perspective is everything. If it’s you haven’t been able to walk around the block or pick up your child without wincing in pain, take a moment and see what you CAN do. Are you able to sit for an hour without pain? Is sleep improving? What else can you do right now? You’ll be surprised.

The good news is that just like this snail, you will get back (at least close to) to your pre-injury status; it might just take some time. You don’t have to let it stop you from living your life. 

Even better news: that you can progress even faster with the right help. Working with a physical therapist/coach can accelerate healing and your return to the things you love. Most recently I helped a young woman with a spinal fracture and back brace pick objects off of the floor without pain, discomfort or fear. She was ecstatic.

If you’ve been living a life of pain/fear of pain, and want to move faster than a snail’s pace, book a strategy call by clicking below.


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