Some words of encouragement…

It’s no surprise that this pandemic is affecting everyone in the world. During a time like this it can be really easy to lose morale, get anxious and become fearful of the future. There will be an end to this and soon (hopefully) we can return back to our normal operations and life. In the meantime, over the next few days we’ll be writing a note of thanks to the many roles on the front lines of fighting this pandemic.

Today’s message goes out to the medical professionals.

We know that you’re exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed during a time like this. Medical supplies are limited and you have to reuse your masks/protective equipment to ensure that you don’t run out. This puts you at risk of getting infected as well as your loved ones at home.

Keep up the amazing work and we can’t wait for this to slow down so that you can recover from all that stress. Your families, friends, and people around you appreciate everything that you’re doing for us.

Here are 4 actions steps to take today if you’re not a healthcare professional. Follow these steps to show your appreciation!

  1. Donate your face masks and any medical equipment to your local hospital if you’re healthy
  2. Order some food to be sent to the local hospital (you’ll support local restaurants too!)
  3. Call/text a friend/loved one who is in the medical field and send them your love. Don’t ask how they’re doing, but just let them know that you are thinking about them.
  4. Practice social distancing. Slow down the spread, flatten the curve and let’s give these folks a little break so they can do what they do best…. Taking care of the sick

We’re in this together
Ashley and the team at Hudson River Fitness


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