Strengthen this… Day 3

Squats are fantastic for your sciatica pain

Why this matters:

The squat exercise is a way to recruit all of the muscles of the leg, primarily at the hip. We’re talking about quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, and the butt. The squat motion incorporates maximal hip and knee motion. It’s something that you do everyday: rising/sitting from a chair, toilet, couch, pretty much any sitting surface.

Proper squatting provides freedom for the hips, which minimizes motion at the back. Also, you can engage those abs when leaning your torso forward. It is a simple process, something that I teach my clients to do early within their recovery.

Action steps:

Squat more often. Practice every time you rise or sit. Think hips back and down. Feel that difference.

The next step is to complete this in isolation. Do this for 3 sets of 5 repetitions to feel the muscles get stronger.

If you are used to squatting, then complete 3 sets of 8 repetitions, with a 3 second descent. We can make it harder without placing any stress on your back if that is your concern.

The Sciatica Protocol Update:

We just made a huge update with the sciatica protocol. So if you’ve been tired of waiting to be seen, or are just not satisfied with your current relief program, then the sciatica protocol can be helpful for you. You will go through the same process that I use with my clients. You will receive a daily customized program that will change based on how you feel. Start your 3 day free trial today.


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