Stretch this… Day 4

Tight calves = weird walk

Why this matters: 

When your calves are perpetually tight, you’ll most likely stand and walk with your feet turned out. This results in a “flatter foot” and your pelvis will often rotate forward (think belly out). You can stretch your hips and back all day. But if you’re not addressing your ankles when your walking and standing, then you may be missing a piece to the recovery puzzle. If you have enough range of motion in your ankles, your feet should be able to face forward when standing and walking.

Action steps:

This runner calf stretch may seem simple, but it is very powerful. As you can see, I am taking a shorter stance, so that I can focus on the calf itself. This shorter stance, also results in less pressure on the sciatic nerve, which can get irritated (more on this in the future). Instead of holding a static stretch, pulse in and out of tension. Keep your toes facing forward, and heel slightly out to the side. You can do this for about 2 minutes per side.Interested in more customized stretching and exercises for your recovery? Check out the sciatica protocol and receive daily reminders to stretch and move. Your stretches will change based off of how you feel for the day. Claim your free trial here.


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