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What is nerve pain?

Sometimes pain lasts beyond 6-8 weeks, which falls outside the healing window for most injuries. Nerve pain is often associated with longer term injuries, and

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Tissue injury = pain

True tissue injury is a common cause of pain. There are a few stages of healing: inflammatory, profileration and maturation. Each stage is responsible for

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What is pain?

Hudson River Fitness specializes in helping busy adults live pain-free lives without the use of surgery or medications. However one big problem that’s often overlooked

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Nerve stretches for sciatica

When you follow through with various stretches and exercises, you’re moving more than just muscles. In fact, you’re also stretching out nerves that can be

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Tight back causing sciatica?

The sciatic nerves are directly irritated by the piriformis, glutes, hamstrings, and calves because it runs through them. However, a tight back can irritate the

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